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Our team understands the challenges you face. In today’s competitive market, it can be difficult to offer comprehensive programs to keep employees happy, healthy, and engaged. ​ Zen4 solves this problem by providing a simple, clear, accessible, and relevant program to your employees.


We bring you Connected Employee Solutions (CES). Using a shared ownership model, we focus on collaboration between employees and employers to create a more sustainable relationship.


Zen4 provides the path to align on a journey toward achieving goals, starting with wellness. Discover a new way to stay connected to company culture by building a foundation using CES.



Our program is easy to follow. New behaviors and exercises can be implemented and applied to everyone, regardless of shape, size, background, ability, or interest level.


Zen4’s scoring methodology will help you measure progress internally and within market verticals to ensure you are building the right foundation for success. See results immediately and sustainably.


Zen4 provides feedback that can help you and your company navigate your Zen4 journey. Start by revealing your Zen4 Score™ and work together to see improvements in the areas you choose.

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Become a part of the Zen4 community. Leverage all of the resources available to participants, including daily exercises, interactive workshops, podcasts, and much more!

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Sarah Merkle, Founder

Sarah is an author, health coach, yoga teacher, and motivational speaker. Tapping into her extensive background in employee engagement and wellness, Sarah developed a program to provide companies a new way to invest in the potential and well-being of their employees. Sarah brings over 10 years of experience in both Fortune 500 and local start-up companies. Sarah’s influence on leadership development and employee engagement has helped her clients see significant results of up to 30% increases in overall engagement.

Eric Walker, Co-Founder

Eric is an author, leadership consultant, speaker, and strategy guru. He is also the founder of The Next Step Agency, a management consulting company that helps businesses define what success means to them and how to achieve it. His approach includes a mix of collaboration, innovation, and motivation to help fuel passion and provide new perspectives. Eric brings over 10 years of experience in a variety of industries including cyber strategy, vendor engagement, software development, technology and portfolio management.


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