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Challenging Assumptions About Exercise

For many, exercise is uncomfortable. It may be the very idea of it or factors that surround the actual activity i.e. getting sweaty, physical discomfort or the amount of time needed to complete exercise. Whatever the reason, real barriers are standing in the way of...

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5 ways to simplify your life

Did you know that excess clutter can impact levels of stress, ability to focus and even cause you to gain weight? How about that companies report that they are less likely to promote someone with a messy desk? While it may be hard to believe, it’s true. The space we...

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Before your next important meeting, breathe.

We’ve all been there. You have an important meeting scheduled in advance, and you think to yourself, ‘no big deal, I’ve got this’. Fast-forward to 30 minutes before the meeting and all of a sudden you are experiencing discomfort. Palms sweating, heart racing, stomach...

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Don’t sit, your life may depend on it.

In most workplaces today, employees sit. We sit on our drive in to the office, we rush to our desk and sit, we sit while eating our lunch, and we sit during meetings. But what is all this sitting really doing to us? Well first of all, meetings that are held sitting...

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