This private 6-month coaching program focuses on YOU as the unique and amazing woman that you are. Building off of Zen4’s pillars and methodologies, together we will work through limiting beliefs, fears, and false stories that are holding you back from living a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. We will work through your challenges and roadblocks, empowering you to take action, show up, and trust in yourself.

The 6-month private coaching program includes:


Twice monthly private 1-hour Health Coaching Sessions (via phone/video call) – 12 sessions


Personalized goals, intention setting, & follow-up


Handouts specific to your needs and goals


Email & text support between sessions


Access to Zen4’s online portal


Simple, healthy recipes & exercise planning support


Incorporation of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Using a combination of knowledge, techniques and support, Sarah will help you feel and look amazing in your body, in a safe and healthy manner. In addition, you will learn ways to manage the anxiety and chaos that comes with change, so you can ultimately ENJOY every moment of your journey. Finally, Sarah works with you to strengthen your confidence and self-love so you can show up as the best version of yourself and the VIBRANT woman you are meant to be!

If you are interested in working with Sarah, please fill out this form below. She will reach out with availability to schedule your free 45-minute consultation session if we seem like a good fit! Consider this a break-through session to see how you can take your Zen to the next level.

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Loving Myself

“Sarah and I first met at work years ago. I was having a tough time with the transition to a new location and a new shift. My first impression of Sarah was, “wow, this girl is beautiful and has a glow…I wish I had her confidence”. She reached out to me, almost as if she knew I needed support. Within the past few years, I went through significant life events (marriage and a baby) and slowly began to wonder what value there is in living a consistently healthy and fit lifestyle?  The last 10 pounds of the weight I gained during my pregnancy wasn’t coming off and I was stuck.

I called Sarah. I wasn’t happy. As a result, I was becoming depressed and it started to affect my relationship with my husband. I called her and cried, asking her why I couldn’t “feel better”, just needing her friendship and support. As always, she listened, sympathized, and then clearly asked me, “What can you control?” At first, I was surprised at the question, thinking, “Well, I don’t know! Nothing!” After talking through it with Sarah, I realized it was pretty simple. I can control my own actions and what I put into my body. I thought, “This is so simple that I have to try it, I’m ready to make a change, and I’m ready to be happy.”

Simple concept, BIG change. The journey of working with Sarah in her 6-month program has been amazing. Sarah’s approach to teaching healthier concepts is innovative. She understood what motivated me as an individual and catered to it. For example, I need quantitative/measurable data to see progress and so we used several including a life happiness chart, body measurements, etc. Sarah also uses many methods of teaching; gifting books, articles, healthier alternatives, exercises, nutrition ideas…etc.

For those of you who are like me and need quantitative data to be convinced: I lost a total of 8 lbs and 12 inches overall! Qualitatively speaking, I AM happy and satisfied, in all aspects of my life! I’ve learned so much from Sarah and the number one concept she has taught me: how to love my body and myself. I am proud of myself and that I’ll be able to pass this lifestyle on to my daughter.

I believe Sarah and I believe IN her because she has been through the journey herself. She is a fit and happy individual, and she knows how to “push it to the limit”.  My journey towards a healthier/fitter lifestyle will never be over. As personal and career changes happen, I will adapt to maintain this lifestyle and happiness. I will continue to reach out to Sarah whenever I have questions or need advice. I also plan on participating in one of her group programs!”

Pooja C.

Mother & General Mills Quality, Rochester, NY